Angerometer…..Measure your anger….

Angerometer – How to Control Your Anger!

Studies say anger is a healthy, normal emotion. If a person can learn to control this emotion he/she can be closer to success sooner than one thinks. If a person has a short fuse and finds himself getting into arguments on a regular basis then this anger can have an impact on his/her career, health and personal relationships too.

Understand your anger: It’s normal to feel angry when you think that you have been wronged or mistreated or misguided. You have to learn to channel your anger to other sources of calmness and happiness. If you are hot tempered, you might think that you cannot control your temper, but you may have more control over your anger than you think. You can learn to express your feelings without hurting others and when you learn how to do that, you will feel better and more likely you will be more likely to get your needs met too.

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Techniques to control your anger:

  1. Relaxation: As soon as you get angry, try to relax and force your brain to think about something that calms you. It could be anything like, food, travel, clothes, computers…..etc. You can also take deep breaths and repeat a calming word in your brain like “relax” or “take it easy” or “all is well” or “everything will be alright”.
  2. Focus on your goals: After that initial relaxation, focus on what you really need to do. If you can relax by avoiding that person who made you angry, go ahead and do it. You will find that you can work towards your goals much better if you are relaxed.
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate: Angry people tend to jump conclusions. You have to learn how to slow down if you are in a heated discussion. Listening is the key to solving many problems, so listen carefully what the other person has to say. Take your time responding back instead of saying the first thing that comes to your mind. In short you have to practice self -control.
  4. Laughter and humor: Humor can help you in defusing your anger. Jokes can lighten you up. If you know how to control your anger as soon as you get angry then you can use humor and laughter as the concluding steps to diffuse that situation. Even so laughing after being angry will help you motivate yourself.

The way you use to respond to differences and disagreements at home and work can create hostility and irreparable rifts or on the other hand it can create trust and safety. Learning how to resolve a conflict in a positive way will help you strengthen your relationships.



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