People don’t change…..

I have been travelling a lot lately. I have seen people from all over during my recent trips to New York and Atlanta. I have noticed that people don’t change easily whatever happens. Most of them stick to their daily routines and never think out of the box. What will happen if they think out of the box??.

                people don't change

Change is not bad, it’s just different. People are scared of change. They think something might go wrong if I don’t do what I am supposed to do.

When will they listen to their feelings and do what they want to do??

Some of them can’t coz they are too scared. Before you know it life will pass you by.

Did you realize that this year just started and we are already in August. Time flies. You have to realize that time will not wait for you. You have to keep up with time.

Some people plan and plan but things don’t work according to their plan.

Ways to make people change:

  1. Think about people who are close to you and show them that you care.
  2. Talk to them one on one and make them realize the importance of having a better relationship.
  3. Do what the people like even if it means to belittle you at times. This will make them realize that you are stooping low to make them happy which will initiate a change in them.

Realize the importance of living and not merely surviving. Living is fun and full of life.

So just don’t survive…..LIVE….


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