High School Woes……and counting….

High School Woes….

We are living in highly competing times. Most of us face competition on a daily basis. Imagine being a high school senior with so much completion and facing high school woes every day. I have tried to list some woes that some of our high school students face on a daily basis.

high school

  1. Peer pressure.
  2. Too much homework which does not leave any time for any other type of growth.
  3. Education mainly based on tests.
  4. Actual learning seldom takes place.
  5. Usage of drugs and other banned substances in school.
  6. Not too much supervision.
  7. Lack of counselling.
  8. School budget problems.
  9. Family problems amongst students.
  10. One on one teaching for the students who are not used to group teaching.
  11. Not enough Highly Qualified Teachers.

I am asking for parents to input their ideas/remedies so that we can all participate in building our kids futures.



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